• To strive for excellence and adhere to consistent commitment in providing quality service.
  • To be the most reliable service provider of water pumps and pump parts to outlets and spare parts centers in Tanzania and East Africa.
  • To make a positive difference in the lives of the end users of water supply systems.


  • To provide qualitative and competitive goods and services to the stakeholders in rural water sector within Tanzania and East Africa.
  • To contribute towards a realistic rural development goal by providing affordable and durable solar energy systems.
  • To play an active role in building a sustainable water environment in Tanzania.


  • Benefit our shareholders.
  • Realize the potential of our people.
  • Meet our customer requirements.
  • Safeguard asset integrity.
  • Deliver structural cost reductions.
  • Sustain a robust management system.
  • Deliver continuous sustainable drilling Environmental excellence.


Water is fundamental basic need for sustaining human economic activities. Not only does water support a wide range of activities; it also plays a central symbolic role in rituals throughout the world and also considered a divine gift by many Religions. Providing water in the desired quantity and quality, and at the right time and place, has been a consant endeavor of all civiizations. No other natural resource has had such an overwhelming influence on human history.


We continue to review our business direction and growth to ensure we are operating in areas where we are best positioned to provide high quality and after sale services to our customers. . Our strategic decisions are guided by creating value—specifically, by investing capital where we can drive operational excellence and leverage the strength of our larger operations!

We have 24/7 support team to serve you to your satisfaction. With Darhuduma you are guaranteed of right services.

The ingenious design of our Pumps has been a result of many years of research conducted in many parts of the world. Without exaggeration, these products may be considered one of the best solutions available at this time.

Today we have achieved the status of a major suppliers in Tanzania and East Africa with an experience of more than 17 years. Our customers continues to trust us in every services we deliver to them.

Supplied more than 1200 hand pumps for Shinyanga Region.

The Proprietor of KH Mr. Riaz Sachedina proudly served as honorary member and a vice Chairman of CBRC for 3 years

We take no excuse when it comes to giving what our shareholders needs.

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  • Solar powered pumps
  • Electrical Pumps.
  • Hand Pumps.
  • Diesel engine driven Pumps.


  • Solar panels and accessories
  • Drilling of Water Boreholes (DTH and Rotary method)
  • Pipe and Pipe fittings


We give support to our clients whom we supplied the water pumps and giving them the maintenance services as requested per contract.

We are here for you to give the best service.


  • "Now we can say water is distributed for all equally."

    Ambe Mrema
    Of all the things that happened in our village, these well being drilled here I can call them our number one salvation.
  • "No more long distance travel for searching water."

    Safina Heri
    No more travelling long distance to fetch water. Darhuduma has brought hope in my house holds by building solar powered wells near our home and neighbourhood


DARHUDUMA HARDWARE in its endeavor to supplement these needs of the populace, has been striving relentlessly in offering this scarce commodity for the benefit of millions even in the remote corners of Tanzania and East Africa.
Hand pumps as per SKAT FORUM SPECIFICATION Afridev and india mark 11.
Helical rotor diesel Driven engine pumps, solar water pumps, surface ASP bareshaft pumps manufactured by MONO PUMPS – AUSTRALIA.
Submersible pumps coupled with Franklin Motors.


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