Solar Pumps

These are Stainless Steel Solar Powered – Submersible Pumps. At the heart of all Mono Pumps solar water pumping systems is the unique pumping system itself. The design consists of just two complementary pump components, the Rotor and the Stator. The geometry of these two components is the key to the pump operating system.

Hand Pumps

Suitable for use in boreholes having static water level ranging from 50 90 mts. A set of standard spare parts accompany each pump to sustain two years of operation and maintenance at community level.

Electrical Pumps

Developed as per Skat foundation specification rev 5. Their features helps the maintenance to be handled even by Women. Capable of lifting water from depths up to 45 meters. It has non-corrosive underground components capable of handling corrosive water situation, thereby giving a longer life.

Diesel Engine Pumps

It is a simplified and strong Mono Borehole Pump. It has combined discharge and drive head, column,patented bobbin or spider bearing, drive shaft, column stabilizers, rotor / stator pumping element and strainer with foot valve.